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Kow: Why not Overwatch?

(Kow post; Chippy loves Overwatch. Maybe some day he’ll get into why. :p In the meantime…)

It’s been asked a couple times why I don’t play Overwatch, so I thought I’d take a moment and briefly spell it out. First things first: the premise. For those who haven’t strolled over to the Wikipedia page (or even Googled it) will understand the general organic premise of the thing: A StarCraft (not interested), Team Fortress II (1300 hours), Call of Duty (very not interested), futuristic (ehhh…) RPG-y Shooter with all the attention a 7-year old failed MMO “Titan” release could muster. For me, for whatever reason, none of these circumstances worked out together with the interest and panache that I would have expected from a Blizzard title. It’s almost the same feeling I got when I realized that the Ghostbuster’s remake was bound to disappoint me due to the…cultural re-appropriation…I mean, liberal re-telling of a story I was fond of. Under any other circumstances I’d probably be compelled to pick up a copy and play it through, but the taste, the drive, the urgency was all absent.

This was made all the more clear when skipped the game and my friends didn’t and….I didn’t care. As in, I didn’t care at all that my close internet gaming friend-beasts were off spelunking in Overwatch while I dreamed of Minesweeper on Easy. This is almost always the second indication that a game just isn’t going to interest me, when my friends essentially stop playing all secondary titles with me (except for Chippy. He’s doing it for…um…other *cough* reasons…) in favor of a game that definitely doesn’t interest me.

Having played 1300 hours of TF2, arguably 200 of which I actually was engaged and amused, I felt if I got “the vibe” on this title that it’d push me over the edge into the anti-camp and I’d be forced to hold out until someone gifted to me. And that was actually the biggest fear, that my friend group would consist of players who would only want to play Overwatch and not focus on other titles (the so-called “one game”-r concept, perhaps worth writing about at some point). Seeing those that do play Overwatch, ironically people who have put in as much and more TF2 time than I, shows that not only was I ultimately correct, but that I should start playing the lottery.

Now let me be self-critical. I’ve never played the game. I’ve never installed the game. I’ve never been in the same physical location as the game while taking place. I’ve seen approximately 20 hours of gameplay footage (by various unnamed content creators and streamers) and I’ve used this and roughly 2 hours of collective research to form the opinions I’m expressing. That’s hardly a true assessment of the game’s enjoyment factor so I’ll gladly interrupt myself and mention that I don’t know a flying f*ck about this game. So hey, I could be wrong. I could be wrong that it’s nothing like TF2 and nothing like a Blizzard attempt to create a new franchise that’s taking advantage of 2-parts fan-base and 1 part genre success.

And if I’m wrong I’m wrong. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ll be off playing Battlefield 1, Farming Simulator 17, PayDay 2, Assassin’s Creed IV, Dead Island (just got 100%, posting some content soon), ARK, Apotheon, Minecraft, Unturned… Moodles!