Rogue Operatives: The secret life of props!

This past Saturday I was invited to participate in an online social event by none other than The Creative Misfits. I was given a mystery steam key and was told to download and install, no further instructions. The mystery key was for none other than the aforementioned game titled above. “Rogue Operatives, huh.” I vocalized. The excitement pouring through my veins was palpable…my temples throbbed, my di…but i digress. The download was completed and away i was whisked on another side splitting adventure!

Grandioseness aside; Rogue operatives, despide its misleading title, is a version of the ever popular “Prop Hunt” featured as a gameplay mod within Valve’s “Gary’s Mod” platform. That being said; Have you ever wanted to play “Prop hunt” and have it just work? Well look no further I tell you! THE FUTURE IS HERE! THE END TIME ARE UPON US…. too far? Nah. First thing first this game is still in developement so there are going to be bugs but OH..MY….GOLLY GEE is it smooth! Upon opening the game and making your way through a delightfully simple main menu, it is imeasurably easy to get gameplay rolling either in a single player mode (which i have not tried yet) or classic multiplayer. After a well thought out lobby session you are in the game. Re-hash: This game is still in developement.

On to the gameplay. Oh what a joy! Tight controls, well thought out environments, top notch textures, beautiful map design, as well as a few devious mechanics. I could go on, so i will. The colors are amazing and reminds me of a time with more innocence than a teething wee baby. I shall assume that the people reading this review are familiar with how “prop hunt” works; if they are not it is easily YouTube’d. The player on “Rogue” team is given a range of preset assets that they can toggle between during gameplay and are dictated by the usual mechanics of such a game. The “Operative” team is given an awesome looking blaster rifle that has recharging ammunition.

The game itself is designed in a way that is immensly more forgiving to evey single player involved, thus creating a better atmosphere for the gameplay inherently. When a player on the “hiding” team is found out they are then auto-switched into the “seeking” team. I think that this is a great idea that defeats the “oh great, now I’m out for a whole round” thing as well as the following soul crushing depression… Another mechanic that allows gameplay to continue smoothly is the removal of health loss on hitting an non-player target. Like i said, way more forgiving, and those are just two examples of how gloriously balanced the gameplay is.

Probably the best aspect of this game is the developers’ involvement with the people playing the game. They have a public discord which can be joined here as well as a public blog of all developements. As for my own experience in the game, the various Creative Misfits will be releasing thier own videos of some pretty great gameplay; so i wont bother going over my reactions as they will be in said videos(CLICK ME (THX RATTS) OR ME(THX C8SUN). I found the game overall refreshing and it was well worth the modest asking price listed on Steam. This game comes highly recommended by this one noob. GO GET IT AND HAVE A BALL!

Thx much – Mr. Chippy


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