Rogue Operatives: The secret life of props!

This past Saturday I was invited to participate in an online social event by none other than The Creative Misfits. I was given a mystery steam key and was told to download and install, no further instructions. The mystery key was for none other than the aforementioned game titled above. “Rogue Operatives, huh.” I vocalized. The excitement pouring through my veins was palpable…my temples throbbed, my di…but i digress. The download was completed and away i was whisked on another side splitting adventure!

Grandioseness aside; Rogue operatives, despide its misleading title, is a version of the ever popular “Prop Hunt” featured as a gameplay mod within Valve’s “Gary’s Mod” platform. That being said; Have you ever wanted to play “Prop hunt” and have it just work? Well look no further I tell you! THE FUTURE IS HERE! THE END TIME ARE UPON US…. too far? Nah. First thing first this game is still in developement so there are going to be bugs but OH..MY….GOLLY GEE is it smooth! Upon opening the game and making your way through a delightfully simple main menu, it is imeasurably easy to get gameplay rolling either in a single player mode (which i have not tried yet) or classic multiplayer. After a well thought out lobby session you are in the game. Re-hash: This game is still in developement.

On to the gameplay. Oh what a joy! Tight controls, well thought out environments, top notch textures, beautiful map design, as well as a few devious mechanics. I could go on, so i will. The colors are amazing and reminds me of a time with more innocence than a teething wee baby. I shall assume that the people reading this review are familiar with how “prop hunt” works; if they are not it is easily YouTube’d. The player on “Rogue” team is given a range of preset assets that they can toggle between during gameplay and are dictated by the usual mechanics of such a game. The “Operative” team is given an awesome looking blaster rifle that has recharging ammunition.

The game itself is designed in a way that is immensly more forgiving to evey single player involved, thus creating a better atmosphere for the gameplay inherently. When a player on the “hiding” team is found out they are then auto-switched into the “seeking” team. I think that this is a great idea that defeats the “oh great, now I’m out for a whole round” thing as well as the following soul crushing depression… Another mechanic that allows gameplay to continue smoothly is the removal of health loss on hitting an non-player target. Like i said, way more forgiving, and those are just two examples of how gloriously balanced the gameplay is.

Probably the best aspect of this game is the developers’ involvement with the people playing the game. They have a public discord which can be joined here as well as a public blog of all developements. As for my own experience in the game, the various Creative Misfits will be releasing thier own videos of some pretty great gameplay; so i wont bother going over my reactions as they will be in said videos(CLICK ME (THX RATTS) OR ME(THX C8SUN). I found the game overall refreshing and it was well worth the modest asking price listed on Steam. This game comes highly recommended by this one noob. GO GET IT AND HAVE A BALL!

Thx much – Mr. Chippy

Overwatch Image

Kow: Why not Overwatch?

(Kow post; Chippy loves Overwatch. Maybe some day he’ll get into why. :p In the meantime…)

It’s been asked a couple times why I don’t play Overwatch, so I thought I’d take a moment and briefly spell it out. First things first: the premise. For those who haven’t strolled over to the Wikipedia page (or even Googled it) will understand the general organic premise of the thing: A StarCraft (not interested), Team Fortress II (1300 hours), Call of Duty (very not interested), futuristic (ehhh…) RPG-y Shooter with all the attention a 7-year old failed MMO “Titan” release could muster. For me, for whatever reason, none of these circumstances worked out together with the interest and panache that I would have expected from a Blizzard title. It’s almost the same feeling I got when I realized that the Ghostbuster’s remake was bound to disappoint me due to the…cultural re-appropriation…I mean, liberal re-telling of a story I was fond of. Under any other circumstances I’d probably be compelled to pick up a copy and play it through, but the taste, the drive, the urgency was all absent.

This was made all the more clear when skipped the game and my friends didn’t and….I didn’t care. As in, I didn’t care at all that my close internet gaming friend-beasts were off spelunking in Overwatch while I dreamed of Minesweeper on Easy. This is almost always the second indication that a game just isn’t going to interest me, when my friends essentially stop playing all secondary titles with me (except for Chippy. He’s doing it for…um…other *cough* reasons…) in favor of a game that definitely doesn’t interest me.

Having played 1300 hours of TF2, arguably 200 of which I actually was engaged and amused, I felt if I got “the vibe” on this title that it’d push me over the edge into the anti-camp and I’d be forced to hold out until someone gifted to me. And that was actually the biggest fear, that my friend group would consist of players who would only want to play Overwatch and not focus on other titles (the so-called “one game”-r concept, perhaps worth writing about at some point). Seeing those that do play Overwatch, ironically people who have put in as much and more TF2 time than I, shows that not only was I ultimately correct, but that I should start playing the lottery.

Now let me be self-critical. I’ve never played the game. I’ve never installed the game. I’ve never been in the same physical location as the game while taking place. I’ve seen approximately 20 hours of gameplay footage (by various unnamed content creators and streamers) and I’ve used this and roughly 2 hours of collective research to form the opinions I’m expressing. That’s hardly a true assessment of the game’s enjoyment factor so I’ll gladly interrupt myself and mention that I don’t know a flying f*ck about this game. So hey, I could be wrong. I could be wrong that it’s nothing like TF2 and nothing like a Blizzard attempt to create a new franchise that’s taking advantage of 2-parts fan-base and 1 part genre success.

And if I’m wrong I’m wrong. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ll be off playing Battlefield 1, Farming Simulator 17, PayDay 2, Assassin’s Creed IV, Dead Island (just got 100%, posting some content soon), ARK, Apotheon, Minecraft, Unturned… Moodles!

The dissemination of attention and financial distress!

I have come to realize that right now at this very moment there are so many new things to be interested in. Over the past few months as well as the coming few there have been (or will be) some major gaming releases; To name a few, Overwatch, Battlefield One, CoD: Infinite Warfare, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and so on. The other thing i have noticed is that these games are increasingly expensive! The games that fall under my purview while wildly interesting are also wildly expensive! How does a person who has significant financial responsibility keep up with the ever changing times without falling into the dismal pit that is debt? *Sits and reminisces about a time when complete games were less than forty while dollars.* That would be the thing I want the answer to most! “Make it a job!” they say! In a overly saturated market? Also more jobs are not fun when gaming is an escape from your actual job. Noted and over it. Why oh why must the market price of new games that don’t include all content or make you pay immediately for the rest of the content be priced above sixty dollars. I don’t get it. I guess gaming is just going the way of all other hobbies where entrance is going to cost an arm and half of your joystick. Gaming, if you think about it, is worse than other hobbies if you think about it. Take R/C cars; high entrance cost but then that’s it. Gaming? No way. You wanna play? Oh ok! 60 bucks every time the new shiney games come out. Sucks. Oh well. Then it gets worse. Personally I myself am part of a few communities. You know what’s coming. The y all cant agree on one game. To keep up with these group peoples, many of whom I consider close friends, I must be up to date with…..everything. I get it. Not everyone has the same taste, but c’mon…. Even the moths in my wallet are starving. To wrap up a wrant, would the gaming industries just throw us games a bone? Please? Ill be good, and wash the dishes, and walk the dog and change the litter and wash the walls and make my payments on time and wipe your ass with 100 dollar bills and…..

Up yours.

The more you miss...the more you win

Missing is fun!

The one thing in the Rocket League world I hate the most is missing a shot. Like the rest of you noobs, I take losing personally. But missing a shot alone is on a whole other level. My asshole clenches like vice grips tossed in an industrial press. My eyes become blinded by sweat and my blood pressure turns my armpits blue. My balls spontaneously suck into my pelvis and raise my vocal pitch 3 octaves.

And yet…I can’t stop missing.

I’m only 350 hours into Rocket League. This means that no matter what my skill level I’m really still just a beginner struggling to do anything with a measure of consistency. Like any beginner I have no real concept of how to improve my game and as a noob I’m certainly not interested in your god damned opinion. I’m going to continue to whine, complain and suffer until that one fine day when I miss the toilet more.

A quick eyescan of the Reddits (/r/rocketleague) will show any mediocre player that they should quit while they are behind. It feels hopeless. While the bodily effects are extremely undesirable I’ll be content to miss knowing that somewhere down the line my pelvic spasms will lead me to victory. I mean…Redditors fake it until they make it. One day I might be able to fake it, too!

Overwatch: A spiritual successor?

As many of you know, (probably all of you (and you know who you are (yes you (no not you, but the rest of you.)))) Overwatch was recently released by Blizzard Gaming and is a colorful objective based fps with a variety of characters that demand levels of skill and a wild variety of play styles. Each character has their own special abilities as well as movement abilities and what have you. You have heavy characters, fast characters, tanks, healers, medics, scouts, demo…. wait… what? Did you see what happened there? If you look at the character roster, Overwatch and the heroes they present and even some of their characteristics can be directly related to some of out old favorites. Lets take the most obvious one first; Tracer and The Scout. Both characters very obviously take pride in their speed and ability to get in close poking you with a verbal jab while they are at it. Tracer and The Scout also are both equipped with light weapon that when used properly are extremely effective. How about another; Zarya and Bastion vs The Heavy. Let’s get it out of the way, yes gatling guns. Duh. Other than that its an easy list: Lighthearted quips about how big and tough they are, the ability to be a mobile turret while also being able to cover and protect a team, self buffing and healing. Others are Junk Rat vs. The Demoman, Mercy vs The Medic. It isn’t a long list for obvious reasons; Which makes Overwatch such a great spiritual successor. There is so much room within the game’s lore for expansion, just look at Ana. Just a few short weeks and we already have another character. In short, from overwatch we received a new set of quirky likeable characters with a balanced diversity, rich maps that harken to old game modes, and a wonderfully colorful new universe. Hats off to you Blizzard.

Cheers loves!


INSOMNIA 2016!!!

This article comes to us via Northstorm of the Creative Misfits——–

I’m a gamer and gamed my whole life. The one thing that would be so cool would be to have a festival like the ones they have in America similar to Pax-east and so on. Some have tried in the past but lacked any real way to make you go and check them out, and as such they did not returned the following year. Now in 2016 we have INSOMNIA 2016 by Multiplay and this time it looks to be a contender as the first in Scotland. So far they have held several in England but this is a first and I hope it won’t be the last.


The day has arrived i get my train tickets and travel the 2+ hours to get to the event, now i must say i had ideas of what other events in the states are like and know they would never be like this but here is hoping.

North 2

I will be honest, I was disappointed in the size of the event. There were maybe a dozen or so stalls with only a few indi sections, two halls and a large auditorium for main events. I get that it was the first one and I know they can build on this for the following years to make it a much bigger event. I had noticed the majority of people there were kids under the age of 11 or 12 with parents in tow. One thing Multiplay lacked was a social media presence; very few if at all tweets and Facebook posts. They should have been trending #InsomniaScotland, but you were lucky to only have several on day two. There was a lack of cos-play characters interacting with the kids and photo-ops but I am sure they will work on this.


There were some Youtubers there to help pull in the crowd. There were the Yogscast guys, Razzbowski and Suzy Lu, who I had both met in February at the Youtube Creators Day.

Overall I was disappointed in what was there but I was really glad that I went and will attend the next one as I am sure they will up their game and make it that much better. As for myself, I am now waiting for the next one which will be “Resonate” in July. Info at

You can also check out my wee video I did on the event here!

If you liked what you saw here, check out Northstorms YouTube Channel here!!!

Rocket League Championship Series

Sorry to say….

Our team, the noobs, fell victim to sound statistics on Saturday the 30th. The morning wound up with a buy in the first round because the opposing team failed to produce enough teammates. The second round was played well but we lost 2 games to none, but was still a well played match. Round three in the losers bracket we were soundly beaten. Horribly beaten. BUT…and its a big one, we recovered from our loss and kept playing strong. Thank you to all who supported us and cheered us on!


p.s. due to technical issues none of the footage was recorded/may have been burned in a fire….your pick.