INSOMNIA 2016!!!

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I’m a gamer and gamed my whole life. The one thing that would be so cool would be to have a festival like the ones they have in America similar to Pax-east and so on. Some have tried in the past but lacked any real way to make you go and check them out, and as such they did not returned the following year. Now in 2016 we have INSOMNIA 2016 by Multiplay and this time it looks to be a contender as the first in Scotland. So far they have held several in England but this is a first and I hope it won’t be the last.


The day has arrived i get my train tickets and travel the 2+ hours to get to the event, now i must say i had ideas of what other events in the states are like and know they would never be like this but here is hoping.

North 2

I will be honest, I was disappointed in the size of the event. There were maybe a dozen or so stalls with only a few indi sections, two halls and a large auditorium for main events. I get that it was the first one and I know they can build on this for the following years to make it a much bigger event. I had noticed the majority of people there were kids under the age of 11 or 12 with parents in tow. One thing Multiplay lacked was a social media presence; very few if at all tweets and Facebook posts. They should have been trending #InsomniaScotland, but you were lucky to only have several on day two. There was a lack of cos-play characters interacting with the kids and photo-ops but I am sure they will work on this.


There were some Youtubers there to help pull in the crowd. There were the Yogscast guys, Razzbowski and Suzy Lu, who I had both met in February at the Youtube Creators Day.

Overall I was disappointed in what was there but I was really glad that I went and will attend the next one as I am sure they will up their game and make it that much better. As for myself, I am now waiting for the next one which will be “Resonate” in July. Info at

You can also check out my wee video I did on the event here!

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