Pit of Noob is a group dedicated to finding the funny no matter how far it lay beneath the quivering mass that is political correctness. We are here to bring a light side to the gaming community with in house video content, scathing reviews, blogs that are sure to make you throw up, and just about whatever else the Noobs see fit to bring to the proverbial table.

The Noobs are as follows:

Kow – The great bovine overlord who first spawned the idea that we are all noobs and should have a place to congregate and yell loudly at each other in derisive tones whilst slinging rockets back and forth so as we could blow each other up with the greatest of ease. Thus was born PitofNoob.com. Gaming since before the dawn of yesterday, Kow is a true blue gamer at heart who dabbles in all things computer’y and comedic in nature; though it is not known exactly what makes him laugh He enjoys long walks on virtual beaches and hanging out with Turtle.

Chip – Chip, Chippy, Chipster, that loud ass moron over there, Chips the Undippable. Chip has many names, all of which are redundant in nature and should not be used in his general vicinity under and circumstance. Chip made his first foray into noob-dom on the very day he first purchased a computer. So excited was he to play the Orange Box that he failed to note the minimum suggested specifications to run said box. Since then Chip has become a competent computer operator who knows nothing of the magic that happens inside the computer box. You can expect him to be a loudmouth who enjoys somewhat questionable humor and tries to make a joke at every turn.

There is always more to come here at PitofNoob.com. Check back every millisecond for updates and new content!